Client References

The words that others say about you are immeasurably more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.


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Terry, Richard and Phil

Terry, Richard and Phil

“It is my pleasure to offer our endorsement for the services that AccuComp USA has provided to Petty Enterprises.”

Cleggs “Your service fills a very large void in the risk management process, watching out for the buyer’s vested interests…”
Goodwill “Your service is very straight forward and uncomplicated. I would like to thank you for the recovery… it will certainly be put to good
Pathways “In the first month they recovered approximately $23,000 for one policy year. This actually represented more than a 60% return for that single policy!”
Crossnore “I chuckle when I think we almost didn’t use your service. It sounded too good to be true. Your efforts produced in excess of $16,000 and were fantastic.”
acme-mccrary “Our recovery was in excess of $70,000 on policies that we put to bed years ago.”
VNS “AccuComp USA has the expertise to review, identify and facilitate the return of overcharged premium and they do it in a very professional manner…”
Shred-it “We found their ability to work through the insurance carrier’s roadblocks impressive…”"
CityLine “For the second time I have used AccuComp USA to review our expired workers’ compensation program, and for the second time you discovered discrepancies that returned premium to us…”
YSC “…cannot tell you how pleased I was to learn of your 5 figure recovery…”
TFI “AccuComp USA recovered thousands of dollars from policies that expired years ago”
Thurston Foods, Inc.